Ying-Lan Dann


My practice treats built form as only one part in our lived experience; the static envelope produces notions of outside and inside, landscape and interior; shared and domestic space and so can never exist in isolation from its environment. My approach is to question these binaries and the primacy of the architectural object by favouring inhabitation over form; motion, time and adaptability over permanence in our architectural fabric. My work is heavily influenced by its context; it is part form, part idea, but always viewed as part of a continuum.

My foundation in fine art and architecture (VCA & RMIT) and editorial contribution (MONUMENT) sustain me with a critical spatial and conceptual eye, supported by contemporary theoretical frameworks. I approach design briefs with patience and precision to tease out appropriate responses at every scale and stage of the design process.

I am a freelance design practitioner with experience working for numerous architects in Melbourne, including Paul Morgan Architects, Clare Cousins Architects and Streames and Associates. I have contributed to library, university, TAFE, laboratory, retail, residential and local government projects.