Orientation Intensives

First Year 

Week 2 intensive at Siteworks 2018


In the second week of their first year, the new interior design students spent three days at Siteworks in Brunswick. Each day started at 8am with breakfast for all the students served in the courtyard and went to 6pm. The days were taken up making projects, both together and individually as well as hearing lectures, making films and documenting their work. On the first day, the students learnt about orthographic drawing through drawing sections and elevations of cakes they had made at home and brought in. These later became the morning tea. They then moved off paper and began working in groups to construct drawings ‘in and through space’ using with other linear implements.

Each day all the students come together to share a lunch prepared by the tutors. The students got to know each other as they ate in the sun, quickly becoming friends. After the meal, the students gathered in an old classroom to watch presentations from academics, designers and more senior students. These talks demonstrated the range of practices that can come from the interior design degree, offered the students specific advice for their studies, as well as applied directly to the work they were doing that day.

On day two the students began making models. After producing a series of small-scale paper models, they formed into groups of similar interests. In these groups, they started to test materials and ideas to design an inhabitable ‘folly’ that they would install the next day on site. The third morning after breakfast the students gather materials, experimented with making techniques and began to construct their follies. After lunch and the lectures, the students self-organised into groups to put together the exhibition. They had produced over 1000 small photos and drawings, 130 large photographic works, as well as the inhabitable follies in situ, many stop animations and hundreds of models. Organising this volume of work into an exhibition over a large site, required the students to consider design, way-finding, projection and installation. With just an afternoon to put it all together, the students worked efficiently as a group. The exhibition was opened by Dr Suzie Attiwill that evening as the students enjoyed a BBQ and showed their friends and families around their work.


Fourth Year 

Week 2 intensive at Wye River

In week 2 we will travel to Wye River. The aim is to bring you together as a year group to share ideas and discuss the year ahead. It will also be an opportunity for you to work with your tutor groups and start a process.

Whilst at Wye River, you will have an opportunity to work through the initial phases for self-directed work. In your groups you will review Project 1 and present proposals for Project 2. In your tutorial groups, you will peer review and work individually. Conversations will contribute to a critical discussion on design ideas, methods and techniques and clarify your individual design agendas.

The intensive will provide you insight into your individual ideas, techniques and processes. The aim is to set you up so that you can develop clarity around your interior design interests and help you develop a starting point for the series of projects you will produce over the next 8 weeks.