University Electives

The Master of Interior Design recommends the following university electives:

Allied Creative Practice:

Arts Management Fundamentals 12 OART1066 City Campus
Design Studies (Communication Design) 12 GRAP2081 City Campus
Design and Digital Media Professional Practice 12 GRAP2764 City Campus
Make Things Interactive: How to create physically interactive objects and environments 12 GRAP2757 City Campus
Service Design 12 GRAP2494 City Campus

People and Data 12 COMM2793 City Campus
Corporate Writing and Editing 12 COMM2667 City Campus
Communication Management: Theory and Practice 12 COMM1123 City Campus
Change Communication 12 COMM2316 City Campus
Communication for Social Change 12 COMM2083 City Campus

Social Futures:

Sustainability in the built environment: A focus on building and design 12 BUIL1225 City Campus
Sustainable Building Technologies 12 BUSM4467 City Campus
Inter-Cultural Practices 12 HUSO2378 City Campus
Advanced Advocacy and Social Action 12 HUSO2069 City Campus
Climate Change Responses 12 ENVI1222 City Campus
Communication for Social Change 12 COMM2083 City Campus
Managing Sustainable Building Projects 12 BUSM4464 City Campus
Critical Urban Issues: Resilience 12 HUSO2204 City Campus
Environmental and Culture: Ecological and Aboriginal Understanding of Country (PGR) 12 AERS1004 City Campus
Humanitarian Design Thinking 12 ARCH1453 City Campus
Sustainability, Governance and Social Change 12 ENVI1169 City Campus

Technology (Data and Systems/Material Experience):
Designing with Data 12 ARCH1462 City Campus
Soundscape Studies 12 ARCH1318 City Campus
3D Printing for Creatives: How to use new technology to make things in a multidisciplinary setting 12 GRAP2756 City Campus
Digital Curation 12 ISYS1168 City Campus
Electronic Publishing 12 COMM1218 City Campus
Energy Water and Airflow in Buildings 12 BUSM4463 City Campus
Urban Regions: Strategic Considerations for Development 12 ARCH1273 City Campus