Trish Pringle


Senior Lecturer


AADip, MArch, Grad Dip Ed, PhD, RIBA

Dr Trish Pringle studied architecture at the Architectural Association, London. She practised as an architect in London before moving to Melbourne to become a full-time academic.

Her concern in her research has been to contribute to the ways in which 'interiors' - their histories, their construction, their existence - may be considered, and to suggest different antecedents and different futures for interior design, beyond current popular understandings of it as a discipline that is primarily para-architectural.


My doctoral thesis, 'Realigning the Attention; Fascination, Spatial Experience and Stage Magic', examined the popularity during the later nineteenth century of entertainments that manipulated spatial experience in ways that seemed 'magical' to their audiences at that time.

I used this source material to identify the inarticulate ideas and desires which they evoked then, and suggested that the work of such early modern spatial designers as Marcel Breuer, Frederick Kiesler or Eileen Gray could be seen to be addressing the same desire for spaces and things to be in some way 'magical' and thus fascinating. I then suggested that this offers a different position from which to consider our continuing attraction to the ‘impossible’ spatial operations (such as dematerialising, defying gravity, changing form, being magically animated or appearing to be invisible) that are exhibited by many acclaimed buildings and spaces today.


Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Conference Publications

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