Travel Studios

Second + Third Year
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Tutor: Michael Trudgeon & Chris Ryan


The project took in the disciplinary expertise of architectural, landscape and urban planning strategies along with wayfinding and service design. Students developed design interventions to transform the existing built environment and systems of provision (energy, water, food, transport, information) for a sustainable, low carbon, resilient future.

Building on the master planning achieved by the 2015 VEIL the studio developed detailed designs for the identified sites to shift the path of innovation on a new trajectory: towards sustainable, resilient conditions. 

Students took part in an international studio in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden in collaboration with students and academics from the Technical University of Delft and Aalborg University. The studio will developed design projects for the European Cultural Capital program for 2018, a year long program of intense artistic and cultural activity in Leeuwarden. 

Semester 2, 2016




Tutor: Caroline Vains


This studio/specialisation addressed the Kulturforum, both in terms of its challenges and its opportunities.

It investigated how the Kulturforum’s urban spaces, buildings and monuments impose behaviours and narratives, exercise power, impinge on our autonomy, exclude and otherwise alienate us. It then explored opportunities for embedding these spaces with temporary places that are human scaled and/or human centred. In this way, we pursued a hopeful vision where bottom up and top down design meet and co-produce little utopias in big spaces.

Semester 2, 2015