Tarryn Handcock 

Tarryn Handcock is a cross-disciplinary design practitioner and associate lecturer within the School of Fashion and Textiles, and a sessional teacher in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University.

Her practice integrates jewellery and object making techniques as well as critically reflective design process strategies including writing, drawing, and speculative scenarios.

This work has been presented and exhibited at conferences, symposiums, workshops, and selected panels across Australia, as well as Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden, as well as published extensively. Tarryn’s research interests include the phenomenology of skin and dress, body-based design, cross-disciplinary creative practice,interior soft spaces, and processes of wear.

Her PhD studies human skin as an impetus for design thinking and builds knowledge of the human form and surface as a ‘body-site’ with the potential for conceptualising, designing and engaging with wearable artefacts.


Blog: nostalgicskin.blogspot.com.au