Sharon Sclarr

Composing Connections

‘Composing Connections’ explores the relationship between the human body and its surroundings. Our everyday experiences are coloured by culturally conditioned thoughts and behavioural habits that develop unconscious practices and modes of inhabiting space. This project seeks to shift habitual experience through heightening awareness and altering spatial sensations. The site for this project is the proposed Melbourne CBD North underground train station. It draws from the way people inhabit and traverse the city as well as the existing relationships between surface and the subterranean as a way of uncovering alternate trajectories. Through composing space and materials to resonate with the inhabitants’ imagination, new experiences of being within a transitional and underground space emerge. This project proposes that interwoven levels, viewpoints and unexpected juxtapositions can open up new experiences within this site. Light as a medium, and space as an experience, are utilised to provoke a sense of delight in the visitor.