Sandra Githinji


I graduated with a Bachelor in Design (Interior Design) Honors from RMIT University in 2015, and currently practice as a Graduate Interior Designer at Elenberg Fraser. My professional practice focuses primarily on the high-rise building typology, with consideration on the impact buildings have on the city, its inhabitants and the environment.

I have had the opportunity to work on different scales and stages of projects, from documentation of Melbourne’s tallest multi-residential tower, to concept, documentation and delivery of a small multi-use studio in Collingwood. I am currently working on my first international project that raises interesting questions on how to integrate a typology of building that is foreign to the region, while still responding to the city, its inhabitants and the environment. I believe great design begins with a unique question, that is answered through the design process.

My independent spatial practice focuses on research and experimentation as a means of interrogation and evolution of my own perceptions of space and conditions we inhabit. Through my independent project work and my professional practice, 3d modeling, making and printing have become drivers in my design process.  I marry both analogue methodologies such as a simple hand drawing, with digital and technical skills.  Most times a simple extract of text can set the premise for an entire project.