Sandra Githinji


Arriving in Melbourne, Australia in 2012, from Kenya, East Africa saw the beginning of my interest in dichotomous conflicts of home and foreign land, traditional and modern, analogue and digital, interior and exterior. This space in-between, of paradoxes and polarities has informed my spatial interrogation & expression.

Having graduated with a Bachelor in Design (Interior Design) Honours from RMIT University in 2015, I currently practice as an Interior Designer at Elenberg Fraser. My professional practice focuses primarily on the high-rise building typology, with consideration on the impact buildings have on the city, its inhabitants and the environment.

My independent spatial practice focuses on research and experimentation as a means of interrogation and evolution of my own perceptions of space and the conditions we inhabit. My approach to design is responsive, without imposing trends or styles to the design question. I love reading, and most times a simple extract of text can set the premise for an entire project.