Rylan Allstrom

Through Flatness

Travelling by train is a familiar practice that reveals the spatial and temporal dichotomies, multiplicities and ambiguities of the urban interior. The body is at once stationary, and in motion. The journey is solitary, and a shared experience. The passing exterior is a deep landscape, flattened by frame and surface. Central to this experience is the layering of screens in a multilayered environment; windows, reflective surfaces, and mobile devices functioning simultaneously to order the view.

Through Flatness is a project that examines the various spatial and temporal relationships of the screen whilst moving through the urban interior of the train network. Four stations along the Sunbury Line, Melbourne's 'ugliest' line, were chosen as sites to develop a broader speculative design strategy for the network. The site-specific interventions are situated on the station platforms creating interplay between carriage and platform with the aim of heightening awareness of the spatial complexities present in the daily journey.