Phoebe Whitman


2nd & 3rd Year Coordinator


PhD (Interior Design), by project, RMIT University 2009 – present. Titled Surface Encounter
Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning 2010
BD Interior Design (Honors) RMIT University 2005
BA Fine Art Painting (Honors) RMIT University 1999


Phoebe approaches the production of work by being attentive to existing matter and the delicate, light and subtle occurrences that transpire in relation to surface. Her practice explores ways of producing encounters through various processes and techniques that include site responsiveness, site-specific installations, material arrangements and observational techniques. In considering surface as eventful her work attempts to excite and intensify through the provocation of surface. Her research explores modes of arrangement as a means of inciting encounters; as a form of disruption as a process of opening to the new to produce the potentiality of surface.

Phoebe’s work attempts to permit a surfacing of occurrences that are often disregarded due to their ephemeral qualities. Phoebe enjoys documenting surfaces everyday, and through observation on the manner that they behave and transform, her work offers up attentiveness to their contingency by setting up relations to forces of time and movement.  Her work attempts to produce deeper connections between people and their environment by producing a surface encounter.


Since 2007 she has been involved with higher education as a full time lecturer in the Interior Design program in the School of Architecture & Design at RMIT University, Melbourne. Phoebe’s current position is the coordinator of the 2nd & 3rd year of the Interior Design program. She teaches Design Studio to 2nd & 3rd year students and supervises 4th year students undertaking a self-directed thesis major project.

Through her work Phoebe is committed to the expansion of Interior Design practice as not limited to the inside of rooms or architecture. She considers the Interior not as a fixed place or static condition but that it is a situation and in dynamic relation with its milieu, with its outside forces and temporality.