Andrea Bemyi & Ariel Aguilera

Collaboration, ideas and lateral thinking are at the centre of our process. By applying such methods to our work we are able to produce conceptual results which connect and create unique experiences, regardless of medium. We don't believe in standardisation & always strive to produce visual solutions distinct to the requirements of every client and project. This not only keeps the process interesting for ourselves, but also allows us to construct the appropriate solutions for each individual need through constant research and strategic development. We believe that the best results are achieved by artistic, multidisciplinary collaborations/dialogue & our main objective is to give the mundane wall, brochure or inanimate object life, blood and a heart. We try to achieve this through the use of spontaneity, rhythm and colour in order create landscapes of individuality & have a commitment towards developing our own perspectives of thinking, feeling & researching through our work, aiming to not only describe but also stimulate the imagination.