Olivia Pintos-Lopez


Associate Lecturer, Coordinator of History and Theory


BA in Interior Design with first class honors from RMIT 2002
Graduation Prizes: Craft Victoria Prize, Thesis Book Award, Technology Award, Eco-Concepts Prize
PhD in progress (Architecture/Interior Design), by project, Affective Environments research stream, RMIT. Duen for completion February 2018. 


My research practice develops from an interest in spatial conditions that promote new social and creative relations. The research work I undertake seeks to evade the production of new territories for consumerism, and instead contributes to developing social, spatial or temporal commons and curatorial and documentation methods that allow for open-ended engagement by future participants.

I have teaching experience in various areas of the Interior Design course, including Design Studio, History and Theory, Communications and Specialisations. I currently coordinate History and Theory in first second and third year. Within my teaching practice, I encourage students to develop their creative and intellectual agency within a collaborative and networked community

My professional background includes online publishing, furniture design, exhibition design and commercial and residential interior design. I have an ongoing practice making temporal-spatial installation work and regularly exhibit small-scale multi-media figurative sculptures.