Nicholas Visser


Nicholas Visser is an interior designer with a background in furniture and graphic design. In 2008 Nicholas founded Make Yourself at Home (MY@H) – a social enterprise that works to transform environments for young people and adults from disadvantaged and marginalised communities. 
Make Yourself at Home are a passionate team with diverse creative backgrounds. Our multidisciplinary skills encompass in Architecture, Landscape, Interior and Furniture Design. At the core of our practice is a desire to improve community life. Our expertise lies within the creation of facilitated, process-based and workshop-oriented community activities and projects. 
MY@H works across social, community and commercial projects, ranging from creative workshops with disadvantaged youth to architectural design. We have worked in partnership with numerous community groups including Sudanese Australia Integrated Learning (SAIL), The Social Studio and Heidelberg West Olympic Village. 
Nicholas’ design sensibility encompasses a keen sense of materiality, a focus on detail and a well-informed applied knowledge of construction. For the last 6 years Nicholas has been working at RMIT University as both a technical supervisor and design educator; providing training, skills and education in design, creative construction and model-making.