Nadija Saluwadana

Safe House: Third Space

Underprivileged teenagers inhabit a point of transition and have a lack of control over their environment. They’re experiencing a liminal space, a state of ambiguity, which is open to multiple options and interpretations. Liminality is a position of safety when it is acknowledged as a space that allows for flexibility and possibility, a space of safety that is often overlooked by society and needs to be embraced as a valid point of transition. The design embraces the feeling of being in a liminal space by conserving the dilapidate conditions of an existing empty building situated in a currently transitioning area. Using design techniques to facilitate variation and manipulation of the environment this project defines liminality as a safe-space. By shifting ground planes, new perspectives are accessible and boundaries and threshold points of the building become adaptable, habitable spaces of refuge that have programmatic flexibility. The design allows underprivileged teenagers in need of refuge to have sense of control and ownership of their liminal environment: a Safe House.