Lucy Hall


Lucy is an Interdisciplinary artist whose practice is centred around inspiring positive change towards contemporary social, ethical and environmental areas of concern. Through a range of creative outputs, Lucy uses a methodology of design to laterally construct responses to current issues aimed at increasing awareness and encouraging change in people’s habitual responses and connections to their surroundings.

In 2009, Lucy travelled abroad to work under the auspices of Dutch Designer Chris Kabel and Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang to expand her territories and gain industry experience. Since, Lucy has continued to develop her practice, exhibiting in galleries such as The Paper Mill, (Sydney) and GAFFA Gallery (Sydney), and working collaboratively on design, eating and experience-related projects such as the Food & Design Clinic, a workshop event in conjunction with the In Good Company exhibition at Object Gallery (Sydney). Lucy has recently made the move from Sydney to Melbourne where she continues to further her practice.