Kate Jenkin


As the population of Melbourne grows exponentially, new ways of accommodating people that live, visit and work in the city needs to be addressed. The project explores ways of using in-fill within voids of existing city buildings to create more housing and regenerate underutilized shared spaces with more programs, for longer periods. The design is situated in Deli Lane at the Queen Victoria Market, in the space between the street and proposed accommodation sites on the roof. This aims to demarcate a shared living domain for new inhabitants and the public. The design is a network of habitable spaces and components that facilitate access to different levels, thresholds between public and private, and visual, physical and social connections between residents, the public, traders and the market environment. The spaces are formed through stairs, platforms, pathways, balconies and alcoves that are manipulated through the orienting, positioning and extending of their forms. Engaging in this shared experience produces opportunities for encounter and interaction, privacy without disconnection and openness to the street.