Rowan Dinning 


Rowan Dinning works as designer and director at product/industrial design studio INNI. After studying industrial design at Politecnico di Milano and RMIT University (First Class Honours), he has worked with cultural institutions, architects, artists, manufacturers and start-ups to develop ideas into material products and systems.

Rowan’s commercial practice is driven by context. In particular, Rowan focuses his work on achieving a thorough understanding of the circumstances behind and surrounding a given project. This process invokes a variety of research methods, including simulation through image and model making. Rowan’s work is often realised in the form of commercial and cultural products.

Creatively, Rowan explores the poetics in contemporary material-based production – whether in the processes, outcomes, uses, appropriations or consequences of manufacture. This creative process is grounded by circumstance and necessity, ensuring that the outcome always addresses a specific purpose or idea.