Jason Maling


Jason Maling is an artist who constructs compositions of social agency that sit on the edge of comedy and critique. His work explores individual and collective expressions of play through processes of public invitation, exchange and negotiation. Projects happen where they need to, use what they must and generally ask – Where am I, you and we in all this? As a writer, educator and founding member of Live Art collective Field Theory he is an ardent supporter of work that crosses disciplines and contexts and seeks new languages and strategies for intervening in the public sphere.

Jason’s recent projects include a 72-hour non-stop radio broadcast from an abandoned stadium in Christchurch New Zealand. An institutional treatment program for cultural anxiety presented at the MCA Sydney and an expo within and expo showcased at the 2014 Melbourne Art Fair. He just finished making a new work with Back-to- Back Theatre and is now collaborating on a serialized live narrative mediated by mobile technology.