History + Theory

The History/Theory courses encourage students to think critically about interior design and to develop their appreciation of historical and theoretical contexts and precedents. 


First Year

Interior Theory and History: An Introduction

In first year, students undertake ‘Interior Theory and History: An Introduction’. This course is an introduction to history and theory in relation to the practice of interior design. Through a series of invited guest lectures and weekly site visits you will be introduced to a diverse range of approaches to the history and theory of Interior Design. A foundational idea of the course is that there are many interior design histories and theories, and the course gives insight into a few of these. 


Second Year

Historical and Theoretical Precedents

In second year, you will undertake ‘Historical and Theoretical Precedents’. This course introduces you to historical and theoretical precedents that have shaped the practice of interior design in the 21st century. Through this course, you will build your skills in comprehension and analysis – otherwise known as ‘critical thinking’ – through close reading, conversation and writing around these influential precedents.


Third Year

Theory and Research for Design

In third year, you will undertake ‘Theory and Research for Design’, a course that explores how theory and research can be used to inform and extend design practice in Interior Design. You will be introduced to diverse theoretical frameworks and approaches to design research. For this subject, students chose their own research topic on an interior space or subject. They then develop a body of design research around this topic that demonstrates their ability to conduct research using different kinds of approaches and methods.