Design Studio

First Year
ARCH1093 ARCH1101

First year studio will introduce you to concepts, techniques and processes of Interior Design practice. Design Studio will also introduce you to the work of professional and contemporary designers and artists, a range of practices and theoretical texts.

You will be encouraged to develop your abilities in the conceptualisation and communication of design ideas, through a range of short projects. The course will challenge you to expand your thinking and making skills in order to speculate on design possibilities and to critically evaluate your approaches.
Students will also be introduced to ways of working collaboratively though a series of projects undertaken at Wye River in week three.

Project 1


This six-week project is taught across 1st year Design Studio and Technology classes. Students designed a festival hub for the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival that transformed between daytime and night time functions. Designs were developed through processes of physical modelling, digital modelling and digital imagery.



Project 2


Students designed containers for everyday objects, in response to their material and poetic associations. The project focused on the crafting of small scale interior spaces that framed and celebrated the objects contained within. The project emphasised material experimentation and design as an iterative process.