Christopher Kaltenbach


Kaltenbach is a designer and writer who has worked in interdisciplinary roles in design and design education in Australia, Canada, Japan, Macau and the United States. He is the founding director of the interdisciplinary design studio actionfindcopypaste. Clients include the French outdoor clothing company Aigle, the Japanese beverage producer Kirin, the Japanese condominium real estate company Mitsubishi Jisho and the University of New Mexico Art Museum (U.S.A.). 


He is associate professor of interdisciplinary design in the Master of Design and Division of Design programs at NSCAD University in Halifax, Canada and is a PhD candidate at RMIT University.  Since 2013, Kaltenbach’s practice has included speculative work in design applied environmental entomology. His writing appears in the book “Insectum” published by NSCAD University and “Stories from the Camera” published by UNM Press, as well as in the Dutch architecture magazine MARK and the Australian design magazines AR and Inside.