Andrew Miller


Associate lecture in Interior Design at RMIT University


Andy is a PhD candidate in the school of Architecture and Design (Affective Environments Stream), exploring our relationship to materials, technologies, traditional crafting and architectures.


Andy is founder of an experimental and collaborative design practice that spans across various disciplines and design practices  with projects ranging from; the design and construction of a tourist lodge in Kenya, suburban  residential renovations, biosystems and traditional crafting techniques of glass making and ceramics and how these techniques merge with digital technologies.

Prior to his position with interior design at RMIT, Andy was research associate to Prof Mark Burry at RMIT’s Spatial Information Architecture Laboraratory (SIAL) where he worked on projects including, Dermoid, an experimental digitally fabricated pavilion , design research at Basílica de la Sagrada Família, and publications, Prototyping for Architects, The New Mathematics of Architecture and Scripting Cultures.