Amy Ping Yan


Ping Yan (Amy) is an artist and interior designer who works at the intersection of interior design, urbanism, and graphic. Her artistic approaches are abstract and playful. Ping’s work includes moving image, installation and drawing, and primarily consists of bodily performance interacting with malleable objects in the urban context. Ping is interested in the inter-relationship among all her works and allows them to grow in new contexts.
Ping has been working as artist, curator and interior designer since 2014 and has been involved in various shows including “Myths Beneath the Carlton” as a part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016. She has also co-curated “Re-generation” at China House Gallery, Penang, Malaysia. She has been involved in the project “Hospital for Broken Things” in Hangzhou, China which was highly commended by IDEA2015 under the event category. As an interior designer Ping has worked in various hospitality and residential projects predominantly in Melbourne, Victoria.



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