Hannah Moriarty

Hannah Moriarty






Focused on the dynamic relations between people and the surrounding environment, this ideas-led design program explores the potential and future of interior design as a practice.

The Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) is a four-year degree offered in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University. Since 1948, the program has engaged with the discipline of interior design as an idea-led practice that attends to the relationship between people and environments across a range of scales, mediums, and techniques. In the 21st century, the definition of ‘interior’ can no longer be equated to the inside of a building; conditions of interior and interiority are increasingly affected and transformed by contemporary technologies as well as social, economic and cultural forces. Students experiment with and project the future of interior design practice.

Working in a highly creative studio setting, students will develop rich experiential sensibilities and a sophisticated range of approaches to the design of interior environments. These could range from detailed, material-focused projects including furniture and joinery, to event-based situations like exhibitions, installations and performances, or large-scale complex projects such as commercial spaces, retail precincts and public or community centres.

Different interiors are considered from architectural, retail, exhibition and urban environments to digital and filmic spaces, performance and theatre design, art installations and more.