2015 Semester 2



Tutor: Hannah Moriarty

This course introduces a series of research and presentation techniques including casting, object-making, styling, curation, exhibition design and graphic design. Through creating and collecting a number of schematic artefacts the power of the object will begin to be explored. 
The gallery is used as a site for investigation and exploration. The curation of collections and research will offer up the potential for generation of new concepts and ideas to be presented in the exhibition of work.



Tutor: Rosie Scott

Within this course students learn how to create aesthetically rich, layered and informative images to communicate their interior design projects. Hand drawing and drafting techniques will be refined and Photoshop skills advanced in learning how to combine architectural drawing, 3D renders and photography into evocative design drawings.

Emphasis will be on the section as a key interior drawing typology for its ability to communicate sensory and spatial experience, and technical information simultaneously.

simon finn comm.jpg


Tutor: Simon Finn

In this course explores the 3D modeling production pipeline. Using simulation (Autodesk Maya) to construct an existing site as a platform for developing a design intervention, in conjunction with the exposure to additive and subtractive modeling systems including 3D routing and 3D printing. Advanced modeling skills including unwrapping, texturing, lighting, and rendering using Mental Ray will be developed over the semester.


Tutor: Rob Sowter

Trifle is about using materials visually. Trifle layers ingredients, making the role of each clear, using a glass bowl in order to see whats happening.

This communication explores working with materials through small object making. Based on the premise that materials ‘speak’ about their purpose, expressing their own desire to be used in particular ways.

Techniques will include casting and fabrication, and small, refined outcomes over three connected esquisses.


Tutor: Emile Zile

Voice, Blood, Bricks will track the entwined paths of filmic narrative, interior space, contemporary art and the body. In addition to technical introductions to the voice-over recording studio, video editing apps and other studios available to A+D students. This course will provide a philosophical insight into the working methods and spatial obsessions of artists such as Gregor Schneider, David Lynch, Ryan Trecartin, Erwin Olaf and Rachael Whiteread. 
Using expanded techniques of media-creation that can include photography, performance, live video and film-making students will produce three distinct projects during the semester, creating densely audio-visual and compelling works on interiority, narrative and the body.