2015 Semester 1



Tutor: Rob Sowter

e project will involve designing a garage with specic storage requirements for an iconic piece of Australian architecture. You client expects that it will respond to the existing building and the buildings architect is well known for his interesting approach to structure, materials and detail.

Thee garage will be the rst thing you see and interact with then you arrive, as the building is primarily accessed by car. Don't worry, you’ll do ne, your drawing package will be elegantly beautiful, the builder will be impressed and your client will be happy.



Tutor: James Taylor

This project asks student to design and document a health food cafe. This is a real life project in the heart of rural Bendigo that is looking to tap into the growing health and fitness market.
The project involves the refurbishment of an existing vacant shopfront into a cafe.
The first half of semester will have a hands on approach with students exploring different mediums and communication practises ranging from hand drawings, mappings, physical & 3d model to workshop projects. The second half of the semester you will be documenting the design with Revit or Autocad.



Tutor: Nicholas Visser

Students are asked to design and document a mobile retail environment which pays tribute to and communicates the ethos and aspirations of an Aesop store without the display of a single product. 
Subverting existing retail scenarios, students will select and overlay a chosen program with their own relocatable / demountable Aesop brand experience. 
Students are expected to express the ideology / aesthetic of brand experience through material expression and technical embrace. Students will respond and pitch to a real client. 
Engaging in hands-on, practical exploration will enable a thorough investigation of material and digital technology. This will expose students to the latest industry developments and manufacturing techniques. The knowledge gained in the process will be furthered through 1:1 scale making in the workshop utilising machinery and digital production tools.



Tutor: Ian Nazareth

The Urban Pod is a compact self-sustaining living unit to be deployed across the roof tops of Melbourne’s CBD. It plugs into the physical infrastructure of the city, but the use of sustainable materials, renewable sources of energy and adaptive technologies enable the pod to exist ‘off the grid’.
Each projects will follow a design-research led investigation of urban domestic inhabitation, delivering a design documentation and detailing package of a single habitable unit. Driven by a ‘systems thinking’ projects will cycle through a range of issues: lifestyles, technology, feedback loops etc., supported by pertinent technical information and material specification.